2011 Is Off To A Big Start

DIARY ENTRY Feb 2, 2011After winning a MOVADO Future Legend 2010 Award along with an ASCAP plus award in 2010, there is no wonder that my expectations are a tad high for 2011. I mean, it was smooth sailing through 2009 with some recording, laughter, indifference, hard work and more hard work. I gigged and talked, wrote songs and talked more. Sometimes you start to think that’s talk is all it will be.

Believe it or not folks, sometimes artists actually believe it will never happen. EVER. I recall seeing an interview with Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty and he was discussing his band in some fine detail. Explaining how you have to approach the music business “as though it will never happen” and “like you will never be successful”. I kind of like that idea as you wont compromise your artistic integrity that way. You will make better decisions for the love of the band and for the music. Folks, it really shouldn’t be about fame. I mean, if I wanted to be famous, I could dress up in a kangaroo suit and jump up and down at an American idol audition singing “I come from the land down under”. You know what – good chance that I’d probably end up on television too…. for 5 minutes. Then what? uhhh??

So I’m on track this year it seems. Finally. The “LOST INSIDE A MOMENT EP” was a great local success. It’s getting out to smaller radio networks now across America, and I’m about to pitch it to UK radio. Do I have a point to make? No. I’m a girl. We just like to talk and occasionally be right. hahaha. Thanks for all your support in 2010. Let’s keep it going. Love Katie xox

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