GIGS, Gigs, gigs!!!

DIARY ENTRY Feb 12, 2011

It’s been such a busy start to the year, so I wanted to make sure that with all the Red Bull consumed and Clif bars I have been eating that I didn’t forget to fill you in on ALL. As a musician, my life consists of planning. Yes – I planned to say that. (haha) I know that sounds really obvious, and I’m sure I can hear a few “Guh”‘s from here in sunny LA from wherever you are in the world. The trouble I face with planning is, that the entertainment industry is consistently unplanned, random and throws plenty of curve balls to all in it.

So, I plan to do a gig, then it changes. I update those plans, then I get a session. I make lots of calls/emails to my musicians to move things around. I call my Producer and update my 7,000 music websites… then something else comes up. AHHH. It’s sort of never-
ending in that capacity. This is not a business for the control freak types. That’s me actually. Katie “control” Cole. But you can’t control random opportunities that are in your interest to embrace. My advice to any other musicians is “stop complaining and just do the work”. I complain all the time. I whine and moan about all the wrong things, then realize, in retrospect A) I did everything i needed to do, B)It was worthwhile to do the work and C)I learned a lot from the experience.

My example is that I played a show this week at THE KRESS, and have another this weekend at SAINT ROCKE. I then have an interview the next day. Then, a gig that weekend and radio show/performance 2 days after that. Sometimes I don’t know how I’m going to do everything. I feel kinda like a crazy person locking in and confirming events from week to week. These are reasonable and achievable tasks I set out to do FYI. I don’t have an ideas board with a picture of Nokia Theater and Wembley Stadium and plan to play those arenas in the same month. I’m not out of my mind!!! (well, not completely). The best advice given to me was that you don’t have to know the HOW, just the WHAT. What do you want to do?

If you know what you want to do then the rest will work itself out. Coz it kinda has to right???

Love you all, and dream BIG. Don’t ever make yourself small in order to make others feel bigger!!

Katie oxoxox

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