The Power Of Humour. An Idea.

It’s amazing how a sense of humour can get you through the hardest times.

There have been countless times where I have considered throwing in the towel with music. Seriously, it is the hardest industry in the world to make a successful living from. Imagine this – it is flooded market with millions of competing artists who are willing to give away their product for free. It is an endless battle to be heard, seen and remembered.

So… I start to think about what my “back up career” will be should I call it quits. Here are some options I came up with.

– I have no higher education, but I am very fascinated by numbers. I am thinking that maybe a physicist somewhere would allow me to step in as an assistant. It’s about time I have a “Good Will Hunting” moment and solve a great mathematical problem that no one else can. If that doesn’t pan out….

– I really love driving fast cars. I know girls aren’t meant to say that. Actually, no one is supposed to say that. The correct statement would be “I like to drive cautiously at a safe and legal speed”. Better? Good. That settled, I would like to test drive performance cars. Maybe create my own tv series like “Top Gear” and test drive all of the latest vehicles from around the world. Given that I have no understanding of automotive mechanics and that my experience in fixing cars lies alone with opening the bonnet of my first car (a 1985 Toyota Corolla) and hitting the starter motor with a lead pipe to get my ignition to turn over, I may not be adequately qualified for the position. So, if that doesn’t work out…..

– I am considering a career as an Olympic figure skater. I used to roller skate when I was 11 or 12. As memory has it I was really good. Although I have the odd lapse in “reality checks” when it comes to have “actual ability” with things, I think with a few months training and salad in lieu of fries – I could be Olympic ready. I have been ice skating once, which is a big start in the athletic world. I was 15 and fell down multiple times. But now that I am less flexible and have a lower attention span, it will actually allow my legs to stay stronger and more rigid along with keeping my mind focused only on the task of not falling down. If I do end up wanting something more then….

– One more option is to become a legal secretary. I can type really fast and accurate shorthand too. Watch this. I will type a letter of congratulations to you starting now: t gs djd yr we the vk dkd kgkkgk hd a rer pas der tre ys hrd rfr a spg. I have no idea what that says. Whoever taught me was wrong. I taught myself.

What I do rediscover (especially during tough times in my industry) is that my imagination is always free. Despite the constrictions of my physical surrounding that sometimes make me feel like I’m in a tent and I’m wearing a onezie that has been in the tumble drier too long – I am always partially free to do whatever I like.

My final thought goes out to others that are pursuing their dreams/goals – never, ever lose your humour in what you do. It’s free, always there and for me, it saves my life every day.

Love and Laughter,

Katie oxox

5 responses to “The Power Of Humour. An Idea.

  • Lynn Beaumont

    Love you Katie…my words exactly to you…smiles.

  • reyssongs

    Ms. Cole…this is the most awesome thing I’ve ever read. For real. especially your statement regarding the music industry.
    I mentioned to you before your sense of humour is fantastic. You can make a living giving people smiles as well I’m sure.
    Take care.

  • Corey Frederic

    Hola Katie,
    I can share with you that through the years – when you do arrive at what makes you happy and a good living – you will “really” know it in your head and heart.

    Nothing else will matter to make you think differently and you will truly feel that happiness – like a silly sense that you are the happiest person around you.

    I did what I do now when I was younger… and then a few things in between, that made good money, but my self was not really into it. Now I am the most happiest and silliest person around and “Love” what I do. The pay is very nice when you get that way.

    God-Speed to get you there 🙂
    I will be cheering for you on Saturday!!!


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