Whooznxt, Toby Keith’s Bar, 100. F heat & a Pink Tie

Thanks to WHOOZNXT.com and my winning their Gold Category for June, I performed at Toby Keith’s I Love this Bar and Grill in Mesa, AZ.

My day began at 5am. I am usually an early bird, but I tell you right now- no worm is that good that you need to wake up at 5am. It was a little rough. My band arrived at my abode as we were going to drive from Los Angeles to Mesa to do the show that evening.

Minivan with gear

I was behind the wheel the entire trip. I am a good host when need be. The minivan was stuffed with snacks (which my bass player was pretty happy with). We were on the road at 7am. Freeway after freeway, the road looked pretty much the same the entire time.

Hotel Check-In

Quick breakfast and Red Bull and we head over to the venue to soundcheck, meet the crew at Whooznxt.

At Toby Keith's I Love this Bar and Grill

After a great soundcheck and being told that the venue were expecting a full house of 1000 people. I did an interview with Whooznxt.

Surrounded by Cameras

We then proceeded to eat a meal at the venue and I noticed 2 things. There were Jars of Beer and deep fried twinkies on the menu. This was going to be an interesting night. We trekked back to the hotel, changed into rockstar clothes and headed back to the venue for the show.

It was a packed house. People danced and sang along. Totally awesome

Big thanks to everyone who was there, Whooznxt, Toby Keith’s, and my awesome band.

On stage 1

KC on stage

on stage

for more info, sign up as an artist or fan on http://whooznxt.com

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