Before I Land In London – a word from Katie Cole

These are my “pre-thoughts” before I trek to the land of Tea and Biscuits; The Royal Family; cooler weather than California and the origins of my semi-convict roots.


I am of course Australian. A nation with a rich heritage including that of convicts sent from England and Scotland a couple hundred years back. Many Australians can directly trace their family origins back to a criminal of some nature. Amazing huh! Australia has changed much since the early “settlers” set up camp. It’s a multi-cultural wonderland rich in resources, beautiful cities and great food. I digress though. I am meant to be discussing England.


If countries were people,I guess you could say I have more in common with the UK than I do with America. My Dad was born in England (he’s real, proper and such), so you could say I’m actually only half-convict.


Before I board a plane to any new city I usually envisage all sorts of scenarios, landscapes and places. I am without fail always 100% wrong. At least I’m consistent with my predictions. A flaw, yes. I have trouble visualising, well, anything. Yes ladies, that includes clothing, outfits and what on earth they look like on me. Don’t even get me started with furniture.


So I am imagining bustling streets everyone looking like Hugh Grant and Kate Winslet, people wearing bowler hats and holding walking canes and lots cars and double-decker buses flooding the roads. I am looking forward to …immensely…I am immensely looking forward to seeing cars driving on the left side of the road and driving from the right side side of the car again. I’ve been in America for quite some time now that I’m looking forward to seeing that again. Immensely.


I am very much hoping to stalk the Royal family if I get the time to do so. I’m sure lots of single women in America would like me to kidnap Prince Harry and bring him back with me. Again, this ain’t gonna happen. I will only try to grab a glimpse of the Royals from a safe and legal stalking distance.


In London, I have some interviews, radio press and shows to do, then I’ll fly back to Los Angeles. I promise to take lots of photos along the way. Wish me luck.

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