Dingo (Katie Cole) in London.

What an amazing adventure I just embarked upon.

I should start from the beginning right? Well, I’m not going to and you can’t make me. I didn’t come this far playing by the rules and I don’t plan on starting now.

This will possibly read like a choose your own adventure novel. Good. So feel free to read whichever parts sound interesting and gloss over the rest. The idea is that you finish at a part that makes you smile.

Let’s begin.


I only ended up playing 3 shows in London, which was a great shame as I would have loved to play more. But that is me, and I’m always looking for one extra slice of pizza and one extra show.

My first show was at the very famous Dublin Castle. Acts like Madness and Amy Winehouse (RIP with your sweet voice) cut their teeth here. I invited the entire of London out, and some great BBC Radio 2 personalities too.

The next show was right in the heart of Soho in London (near all the theatres including one playing a musical version of “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” starring “Alf” from Australia soap Home and Away). The show was a great showcase of acoustic music and good pub food.

My last show was at another famous venue 12 Bar Club. Again in Soho and busting with life. I shared the stage with some great acts Jazz Morley and Ian Parker. I met a ton of great new friends at these shows. Even put name to face of some Facebook friends, which is fun. People on Facebook are sometimes actually real people!!!


As some, all or none of you know I have been getting some AMAZING support from BBC Radio 2 in the UK. Thanks to my rockstar UK manager Mike Mills and is tireless efforts, they play-listed my song “Lost Inside a Moment” in May/June for 3 weeks and my last single “Sunrise” in September for 4 weeks. I have been totally embraced into the radio 2 family which is very rare indeed for an unsigned artist like myself. My support was championed by great Radio 2 Producer’s like Phil McGarvey who through the Vanessa Feltz show helped share my music with UK listeners.

While I was in London I did 2 great interviews. On Sunday September 18th I was a guest on “ Aled Jones Good Morning Sunday”. Aled has been in the public eye since he was a child. He is a classical vocalist and his voice and career breakthrough was singing “Walking In the Air” for the animated film The Snowman in 1985. Since then has had a very illustrious music and radio career as an announcer. Being a guest on his show was a great honour.

I also did a great interview and performance on Radio Verulam with Danny Smith. After along chat, interview, quiz and 3 live songs we came to this conclusion – his rapper name (if he was to have one) was to be either Smith Dogg or Fifty Pence. I guess this is what happens when I am put into a room to conduct what would appear to be a relatively normal interview. We end up discussing Rap names and ridiculous tour stories of life on the road.


I didn’t do nearly enough stalking of the Royal Family. That much is clear. I visited Buckingham Palace twice and went on my daily run past Kensington Palace. You may have noticed the word “palace” appearing here and there in this ramble. Where is my palace? Where does one acquire a castle or a palace? I don’t believe I have any Royal blood in my veins, just a lot of hamburger and red bull. How does one make a transition from apartment to Palace? I’d be interested to know if there is a process and reading material available? I could use 10 guest rooms and 15 bathrooms. I mean, why have one storey when you can have 3 or 4. It’s very understandable.

I toured the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, walked across London Bridge, Tower bridge and saw the London Monument. I also saw the London eye, but did not ride it. London is full of beautiful architecture and history. I visited the National Gallery, the British Museum and saw the Rosetta stone.

With all my music being on radio and my live shows, this trip was complete until I took a bazillion meetings. I met with my rad ASCAP rep in London who was a wonderful help in connecting with labels and publisher in town. I met with a ton of publishers in town including Nettwerk, Emi and Warner/Chappell. Awesome.


No London trip is complete without hundreds of cups of tea. I did this rather successfully including one afternoon tea complete with scones, jam and clotted cream. I am still thinking about scones. I NEED more of them and much more cream too.

The great thing about London (much like New York) is you can take the train everywhere. In London, it’s called the Tube. No it’s not a giant perspex pipe transporting people from one place to another, it’s a series of train lines and systems zipping across the city in a very efficient style. I took it everywhere except the airport. Why? Because I had sooooooooooo much luggage. It was just too much work to manoeuvre around…Why? coz I’m a girl??…no because I had 2 suitcases and a guitar. That was a lot of work for anyone to do. Why did I have 2 suitcases? Because I have a lot of shoes? Because I’m a girl? Yes. That, I admit to.


I stayed in Notting Hill area, which is where that movie with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts was set. This is not really related.

The End.

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